Growing your customer base has never been more efficient. You and your staff will not spend a lot of time on your promotional program. This proven process is designed to fit your individual needs. Our complete system delivers simple prospecting, marketing and tracking tools.

The New Homeowner Report:

These easy to read listings are great for your sales staff, or use them to follow up on a mailing. They are in zip code sequence and include information such as name, address, phone number, mortgage amount, and more.

Please note: As of October 1, 2003 the latest National Do Not Call rules do not allow us to legally scrub against the National Do Not Call List. For details go to www.ftc.gov.

Mailing Labels:

The pressure sensitive labels are self-adhesive and can be easily removed from the wax backing and applied by hand to your mailing piece. (Label Size: 3" x 15/16")

Via Email:

Receive your list or formatted file even faster, we can send them to your email address. Our leads are available in ASCII (comma-delimited & fixed formats) dbase; Comma-Delimited (CSV) or Microsoft word formats. Which can then be put onto CD's or mailed to your email address.

We guarantee* a 95% accuracy rate on our labels. Keep in mind that you may experience a small 3-5% undeliverable rate due to errors in government records or new streets that the postal service is not fully aware of. If you experience anything greater or have any other questions, please call our customer care department.

Contact NewPros® Communications for a FREE quote and area analysis. Prices vary based on the amount of information purchased and the format of your choice. 1-800-837-5478.

*Details are available free on written request.