New residents are the people to target. Some families moving in may have come from across town, the other side of the state, maybe even from out of state. No matter where they have come from they are now in your area and are new potential customers.

Securing a relationship with these families now can deliver long-term profits. The new home owner remains at their residence for an average of seven years.

They are going to be seeking a church, a drycleaner, a beauty salon, dining establishments, lawn care services, an insurance agent, a dentist, a doctor and many other businesses in their community.

Because they have no pre-established buying habits, their business is available for you to secure.

A new resident will spend more money on home related items in the first year after the move than any other time.

They will replace old furniture that does not match their new decor. They will build decks, patios, upgrade the landscaping, remodel a bathroom, and replace carpeting and windows. They will spend a lot of time and money on these projects.