Why target marketing?

It can fit almost any budget, it's profitability can be accurately evaluated and bottom-line it works for small businesses.

Target marketing includes promotions to a focused audience in a specific area.

It is highly personalized.

Targeted direct-mail is individually addressed.

Targeted mail works for small businesses to deliver specific messages and increase new business.

Compared to mass-mail...

Mass-mail is considered to be "junk mail"... there is no personalization - addressed such as "Dear Occupant" or "Current Resident".

Mass-mail can reach the wrong audience... such as your existing customers or those who have established buying habits that are hard to change.

Targeted Mail with NewPros®... We help you reach people new to your specific area who probably do not have established relationships and are just beginning to form buying habits.

Selling With Flyers

One page flyers are economical and effective. They can be used as a direct mail piece and sent in an envelope.

Today's printing solutions have made it more affordable for small businesses to produce high quality promotions. You can increase you response with a professionally designed piece.

Each piece should contain the following key elements:

VISUAL: Use the visual to catch the eye of your audience.
ties together your VISUAL and the message. Make your
audience curious to read on. Questions are highly effective.
SUB-HEADING: Introduce your solution and service to the audience.
MESSAGE: Inform the audience about what makes you different
from your competition.
CALL-TO-ACTION: How do you want your audience to respond?
Call or visit? Use an incentive to create urgency.
SIGNATURE: Your name, contact information and address.

Remember that SIMPLE sells too. One color, text only pieces deliver great response. Just follow the sample guidelines and your words can create a high response rate. Words can be used as your main VISUAL too. Consider one or two words that SELL and print them so large that they are seen first.

Selling With Letters

Many business owners look for a mailer that is easily designed and printed. Letters are a very effective and economic way to accomplish this. They are also highly professional and very personal.

Selling With Postcards

Postcards can lower your postage costs – but not your response rates!

Selling With Brochures: Self-Mailers

Design your information onto a double-sided sheet. No need for an envelope!

Use these ideas, along with your own, to produce a promotion that works well for your business growth!